How did it all start

Everything started here, on Etsy!

A couple of years ago I was not aware of this website existence. One day while searching the internet for gypsy maxi dress, I discovered a very nice shop, which happened to be on Etsy, and after my first visit I simply could not stop coming back and browsing. I soon discovered more wonderful shops, especially jewellery, which became my obsession. I always loved handmade jewellery, and my secret wish was to be able to make it. I started my jewellery making adventure from purchasing a little starter kit at Hobby Craft Shop, and watched simple instructive videos on YouTube, which became a strong base for each jewellery piece you see in my shop collection

I am very proud of what I have achieved during last year and truly enjoyed the whole process of creation.

I hope to learn more and more and see my little colourful shop grow.

I am very happy to be part of Etsy :).

Anna Howell
The Bombel Shop
Owner and Designer

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